5 tips to make your food photography look better


1. Space
One of the worst things you can do when taking a food shot is to get too close. Make sure to leave some space to show the food in a nice way and some space around it. It’s hard to tell what the picture is when it’s too close, especially if your camera is not the best.

2. Lighting
Lighting is one of the most essential things when it comes to taking any picture. If you can wait to take your shot in natural sunlight then do so. Try to take your setup in the room in your house that gets the most light.

3. Simplicity
When it doubt, leave it out of the photo. Styling an image is great and if you have props then do so, but leave a bit of space and do not go overboard. Take a look around first making sure you do not have a dirty background in the image or scratched plastic plates. These little things can turn your photo into an instant bad shot.

4. Angles
Try taking various shots at different angles to see how you like them. Maybe half the food to get a better close up, yet still empty space on one side. Shots taken above, always look great and of course try to stay away from centering your focal point.

5. Clean Up
Clean up any messy areas on the plates or pots before you take the picture. The same goes for anything around you that will be in the photograph.

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