Add A Simple And Beautiful Recipe Index

A beautiful and easy recipe index is a must for any food blogger, and luckily there are a ton of options out there. I’ve seen so many people that add each and every recipe by hand to create something like this, this should never happen there are literally tons of indexes that you can add that will self update for you. I design quite a few foodie websites, so being in the know for a good recipe index is a must, but there’s a lot of codes and edits so it’s not DIY friendly. One of my favorite and easiest tools for the DIY blogger is Easy Index.

Easy index is a free plugin and takes just a few minutes to install and get up, however, they also have a pro version for more layouts, but it’s not a must and the free version looks pretty good itself. Heres how you can add this pretty little recipe index to your own page.

1. Download Easy Index, then install and activate.

2. On your left sidebar choose the indexes with a thumbtack icon, choose add new.

3. You will see two areas, one on the left called primary index and one on the right called secondary index. The primary will be the way it looks on the main page of your recipe index, the secondary is the way it looks once the user clicks on that category and it taken to the recipes.

4. Page template, choose the default (or you may want to choose if this page has a sidebar or is full width). Index style, this is the style of your index, you have a few free options and some of the pro, to see them just select one and preview. Thumbnail size is the size of your images, I don’t recommend anything too small or large. Your term and title tag will allow you to select the font and size that will be used for the headers. Post order is the order of your images, you’ll probably want the latest in order so select date descending, skip the rest and at the very bottom you can choose where your recipes come from like categories or tags, and which of those you want. Save!

5. Preview the page to make sure you’re happy. Regenerate the thumbnails on the right, then save.

6. Copy the permalink at the top, then go to menu, add custom link, add the permalink and save.

You now have a gorgeous and simple visual recipe index. I also made a video for you just in case!

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