Food Blogger Mistakes


People eat with their eyes, they want something to be visually appealing to them before digging in. Even when I’m looking for a recipe on Google I always look through the images and choose the ones that look the best. So pictures are kind of a big deal in the food blog world. Today we’re going to talk about some major mistakes, some food bloggers make and how you can avoid them. Running a food blog is no easy task, besides having to write up a detailed recipe that works for everyone, you also have to take tons of pictures of each dish, then usually only a few make the cut and from there you have to edit and upload each one. That’s not even the design and upkeep up the blog.

This is one of the worst crimes in my book. When I see those images that have bright and bold fonts with the name of the recipe over it, I just move along to another recipe. I want to see the food and I want it to be sophisticated and clean looking, type over the picture is anything but. No one can see your recipe with all of the stuff going on, worry less about getting the recipe seen and pinned and more on how appealing it looks. Look at a recipe with all the text next to a clean and clear one yourself, and see which one you’re more drawn to.

Every food blogger started their blog for a particular reason, for my own blog, I wanted to share my own journey as a Southern American who got thrown into the Saudi culture, and my blog showcases that. Why did you start your own blog and what does it say? An occasional cupcake and cookie recipe is okay, but let’s face it, they’re also all over the net and nothing new. If you want to get people reading your blog think outside the box and give them something new.

For example post a recipe that your great grandmother used and the story behind it, you know the recipes and stories that you don’t always read about. ALWAYS try to post unique content.

Like I said before pretty images are a must. You don’t have to be a photographer to take a nice clear photo. Always take your photos during the day so they’re bright, and lightly edit them just to clean them up a bit. Always add a little watermark somewhere out of the way of your images, so that if someone sees it and there’s not a link back they know where to go. I add my own copyright with a small clear font and then lighten the opacity so that it’s noticeable, but not in your face.

That being said, don’t over edit, I see this A LOT, especially when it comes to brightening a photo. If you try to make it too bright the image can look really blown out and fake.

I hate going to a blog that just has everything in the world happening. Loads of crazy fonts, tons of images and ads everywhere. I just close it immediately. Those blogs are just the worst offenders when it comes to any type of blog. Don’t overwhelm your readers, invite them in and give them a nice beautiful place to stay.

A great design is the base of any blog. Hire a professional designer to give you a look that’s uniquely just for you, if you can’t afford one, then places like Creative Market has loads of already made themes and logos available and really low prices. No one has an excuse to have an ugly blog.

If someone is nice enough to comment or email you then you should always answer them back and thank them. I hate when I comment on a blog and never get a reply, it makes me stop reading it since I feel like I’m wasting time on someone that doesn’t even care if I’m a reader. If you’re a WordPress blogger, you should add this plugin, and every time someone comments you get an email and can easily reply back.

Always have a way for readers to be able to share your recipes on social media. Anytime I see a recipe I love I want to pin it so I can use it at a later date.

Always put a link back to the person, blog or book that you take a recipe from. You would want others to do that if they used your recipe, so always do it yourself.

Make your blog user friendly so that readers can search. Make sure you have a recipe index and search area available.

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