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As you all now for around 10 years I designed and developed themes for Blogger and WordPress, I just stopped developing my own last year. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved what I do, but as time went on I realized that there are so many large design brands doing BIG things with themes at affordable prices, and it just wasn’t worth my time or effort anymore. It also freed up a lot of time in my life and I’ve been able to focus on other areas with my art like, like my pin line. I actually still do packages (for only) like I used to, the only difference is that instead of building the theme from scratch, I just take an already built one and design it to fit your needs. I’ve started doing this with my own websites for the past year too, and luckily since I know about coding and designing it’s working really well for me and my needs (and clients).

So that’s where Design Feast Co. comes into this article. You all the reality of my work is that the majority of clients I get are all food bloggers, which is fine to me since I’m a foodie myself and know the demands of what you need and don’t. Luckily Design Feast Co. is a design company FOR food bloggers, so they have a lot of things built into the themes that we need. No more looking around and wondering how to get this or that, it’s there. Design Feast Co. builds WordPress themes to use on the Genesis framework.

They have a few WordPress themes that you can buy. From there you can install it yourself, or hire a designer to install it for you, set it up and have a look that’s just for you. I actually just re-did Ya Salam Cooking with one and I love the results, it showcases, so many of my recipes in a beautiful way. It’s still pretty out of the box, since I like the minimal aesthetic the theme just works for me as is, but I have been working a new logo to give it a unique look.

I actually like my theme so much that I plan to make an extensive guide for you soon on how to set it all up. But for now I wanted to let all the food bloggers out there know about the positive thoughts I had so far, and I know we all appreciate any little tip we can get along the way too. If you have any questions for me to talk about in the guide I plan to post, please just let me know.

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