Joining MENA Cooking Club is simple! We do ask a few simple things though. Please read the guidelines below before applying. Once you have read through our guidelines and feel you’re a perfect fit for MENA Cooking Club, please shoot us an email. You can view the country list here.

1. Your blog must be in English. While we are a diverse group we need to be able to read your site.


2. You have to take a photo of your dish. You cannot use one that you find online or an old one. It has to be new, no recycling.


3. You must give credit where credit is due. If you’ve used or adapted a recipe, then you must include adapted from at the bottom of the recipe and link the blog or write the cookbook, etc.


4. You don’t have to take part in every country, but I do ask that you try most of them. You cannot miss more than 3 months from the club so if you’re not going to take part in the club you will be removed. If you ever want to re-join, just let me know.


5. You cannot reveal what dishes the host has selected ahead of time. We will all reveal our recipes on the same date. This means do not show the pictures or recipe ahead of time, but also not telling anyone what the actual recipe will be.


6. We ask that you always post the recipe on time, which is the 15th of every month on midnight GMT+3 (Saudi) time. Every month A link will be added on the recipe of the month page where you go to grab the linky code. YOU MUST insert this new code every month so that everyone can see your recipe, without it no one will ever know you took part. The linky will ONLY be up for 24 hours.


7. If you ask to be in the club, I will add your email to the newsletter, this is how the group is updated. If you no longer want to be in the club all you have to do is remove yourself from the newsletter.


8. We always add 3 recipes so that you have a little choice in what you make. You only choose one and while we do have a set recipe for you to follow since we want it to actually be traditional from the country of the month, you’re allowed to make your own and put your own spin on it. For example use what meat you want (or don’t want) or flavors and tricks that you want.
That’s it, just go to contact and send over your full name, email and blog link. Thanks!