The Ultimate WordPress Search


The out of the box WordPress search is pretty bad, for some reason it just doesn’t cut it and if there’s one thing a food blogger needs that’s a powerful search function. For me, it’s important that when readers are searching for a recipe that my search only searches through posts, and not pages or other information stored around my site, and without taking the proper actions it will do just that. I’m going to tell you how making your site have an easy to use and strong search.

After trying out many plugins the best one that I’ve come across is a free plugin called search everything, here’s how you set it up.

1. On your left WordPress dashboard, go to settings-search everything.

2. In the area titled: Search Everything Basic Configuration, you need to check the boxes that work for you and your needs. Since I only want my blog to be searched I checked: Search every category name and description and Search every excerpt (since I have experts turned on).

3. In the next area titled: Search Engine Advanced Configuration, you will need to add everything that you want to make sure to exclude. For me that was every single page and my shop categories since they were both still showing up in the search. All you need to do is get your page and category numbers and add that with a comma between each, and save.

4. To get your page or category numbers you need to open a new page for your pages (and shop categories if you have that) and hover over where it says edit. At the bottom of your browser you will see a number in the link, that number is the ID number you will need. Add all the numbers in the appropriate box, then save.

And that’s all there is to it, it was much simpler than I thought. I’ve also taken a screenshot of my own plugin settings so that you can see exactly what I’ve done. You can see it here.

And last but not least a plugin called search meter is a really valuable asset to have as well. All you need to do is install the plugin and you’re able to see everything that is being searched on your site.

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